The Dreamer Painting

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The paintings describes, feeling of a lady who wants to sets herself free from the daily routine and materialism of this life.

The lady wants to free herself and live the life, she wants. She wants to liver her dream which describes her, She sees this world with a different perspective. She wants to travel, she wants to free herself from the pace of her life. She wants to relax, live, see the world from her own perspective. She is a Dreamer and wants to live that dream.

This painting is an oil painting drawn on a square canvas of size 24 by 24. If you can relate to this painting and Do let us know about it.

SKU YN1485
Weight 600 grams
Length 60 cm / 24 Inches
Breadth 60cm / 24 Inches
Height 3 cm
Material Canvas
In Pack 1 Canvas Painting