20 LED Wardrobe Light with Motion Sensor.

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Light your wardrobe or storage with this handy rechargeable 9W motion sensor portable LED light. Perfect for wardrobes or storage that you struggle to see inside because they are too dark. These are also good as portable photography lights. If required they can be used as a portable emergency light for outdoors. The fact that the light is rechargeable also makes it a practical solution to wardrobe lighting and the cool white brightness means that nothing will be missed.

This LED wardrobe motion sensor light can be easily removed and takes 2-3 hours from no charge to fully charged. Multi-functional properties meaning the LED light can be used with IR sensor mean auto mode, swipe sensor mode or can be manually be turned off and on.


  • The magnetic brackets are attached by using the supplied adhesive pads, which then allows the light to be fixed to the brackets.
  • Wardrobe Light or Storage Light.
  • LED Motion Sensor Closet Lights.
  • 20 LED Under-Cabinet Lighting.
  • USB Rechargeable Stick-on Stairs Step Light Bar.
  • LED Night Light.
  • Gum Safe Light with Magnetic Strip.
  • Three modes - On, Auto and Off.
  • On mode keeps the light on irrespective of the non-movement around the light.
  • Auto mode keeps the light on, but if there is no movement around light for more than 20 seconds the light will turn itself off.
  • Off mode completely turn off the light.
    SKU YN2286
    Length 30 cm
    Breadth 5 cm
    Height 3 cm
    Weight 200 grams (approx).
    Material PVC + Aluminium
    In Pack 1 LED Wardrobe Light

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