Inverter Bulb 9/12 Watt Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb, Cool White, Base B22

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Our smart electrical lights range brings to you Inverter LED Bulb. These new-age LED bulbs provide immediate light when there is a power cut, with retro B22 base, it can be used as a regular LED bulb for your home and offices. These inverter bulbs have 2000/2200 mAh battery, which immediately lights up in case of an electricity outage. Charging time for bulb inverter is 03-04 Hours, the input voltage is 180-230V AC.

The bulb consists of two modes:

(1) Bright Light Mode: When there is the power supply to the bulb from the mainline, It will give brighter light and provides 100% efficient light.
(2) Bright Energy Mode: When there is a power cut and the bulb switch is ON. The bulb goes into energy mode and gives 60% of the original light. In this mode, the bulb gives a 4 hours backup.

These Single Bulb Inverters are as bright as traditional 100W bulb but only consumes 10% of energy, so you can easily save your power bill by 90%. Each bulb comes with a lifespan of 30,000 hours. The LED bulb offers stable glare-free soft light, creates a cozy ambiance. The right amount of illumination saves your eyes from stressing out, perfect for household lighting. It is mercury-free, causing no harm to you, your home, or the environment. You can use it to light up your living room, bedroom, study, or office worry-free. Compatible with your existing regular fixtures. Buy inverter bulbs as per your room size and requirement.

We have two variants available as of now:

  • 9w Inverter Bulb
  • 12w Inverter Bulb

• Automatic starts when the power cuts.
• Use an emergency bulb also.
• Working on AC and DC current.
• In-built Li-ion Battery.
• Charging time 3-4 hours.
• Backup 4-5 hours (Maximum).
• Warranty: 6 months.

    9 Watts Bulb
    2000 mAh Battery
    12 Watts Bulb
    2200 mAh Battery
    Color White
    Operating Voltage 180-230 V
    Backup Time 4-5 Hours
    Charging Time 3-4 Hours
    In Pack 1 Qty of LED Bulb

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