Inverter Tube 20 Watt Rechargeable Emergency LED Light

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Our smart electrical lights range add Inverter Tube Light to its collection. These rechargeable emergency LED Tube Light provide immediate light when there is a power cut. It is a T5 tube light, so no extra fitting is required. It comes with a tube light fitted inside the casing. These tube lights are safe for office and home usage. This tube has a 5200 mAh battery, tubes immediately lights up in case of an electricity outage. Maximum Charging Time 07-08 hours, the input voltage is 180-230V AC.

The bulb consists of two modes:

(1) Bright Light Mode: When there is power supply to the tube light from the main line, It will give brighter light and provides 100% efficient light.
(2) Bright Energy Mode: When there is a power cut and the switch is ON. The tube light goes into energy mode and gives 85% of the original light. In this mode the tube gives a 3 hours backup.

Each tube comes with a lifespan of 25,000 hours. The Lights offers stable glare-free soft light, creates a cozy ambiance. The right amount of illumination saves your eyes from stressing out, perfect for household lighting. It is mercury free, causing no harm to you, your home or the environment. You can use it to light up your living room, bedroom, study or office worry-free. Compatible with your existing regular fixtures,

• Automatic start when the power cuts.
• Working on AC and DC current.
• In-built Li-ion Battery.
• Charging time 7-8 hours.
• Backup 3-4 hours (Maximum).
• Warranty: 6 months.

    SKU YN2290
    Power 20 Watt
    Material Plastic
    Color Cool Day Light
    Operating Voltage 180 - 230 Volts AC
    Backup 4 hours
    In Pack 1 Qty of Inverter Tube Light

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