Stainless Steel hot and cold water insulated thermos flask bottle

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Thirst Quencher Thermo flask Hot water Bottle is made with two lids, a leak-free airtight, a top for maximum thermal retention, and the temperature of your warm and cold beverages. A vacuum flask insulated Hot water bottle made of stainless steel eliminates the transfer of flavor from one beverage to another. The Taste of any drink will not change. Hot water Bottle has been designed with the vacuum technology that enables Keep liquids warm for a long duration it is one of the useful techniques in segregating fatty acids, vitamins, oils, insecticides, and helps to enhances temperature retention.

You can carry this bottle everywhere with you. It may be a garden, gym, office, Sports club, beach, or anywhere where you want your perfect hygiene partner. Why use plastic bottles and other disposable and harmful materials when our food-grade Stainless-steel vacuum flask Thirst Quencher water Bottle design, will last longer? Forget the past and Enter into new Thirst Quencher World and move forward with us! You can say Thirst Quencher SS Vacuum flask Hot water Bottle is dealing with the most advanced technology available to the world, which you can order to provide hydration bottles that are both durable and safe.

Thirst Quencher Thermo flask Hot water Bottle is ideal for those who wish to warm water. The water does not cool down even after 18hrs of storing. You can keep water at a temperature slightly warmer than you usually consume. No risking of breaking the flask. You can buy it from here as well.

  • Why our Hot Water Bottle in Corona Virus Pandemic
  • Additional reasons to consider one as your next Buy of Hot water bottle
  • Precious things of Hot Water Bottle While Corona Virus Pandemic

Why Our Hot Water Bottle in Coronavirus Pandemic

In this Corona pandemic situation, everyone is fighting for their health. Some people who are fighting against coronavirus and another side some people are preventing themselves from this COVID-19 Virus.

From the last 3 to 4 months, we all are fighting as a warrior in front of this pandemic situation. Maybe we still need to fight for some more time, during that anyhow we have to take care of ourselves and what if we tell you that you can prevent yourself from this situation in such an easy way, just via consuming Hot water only… for that, you need to drink warm water during the day, which is done through keeping Hot water Bottle with you.

The best hygiene medical remedy suggested for preventing our self from this COVID-19 Virus is to keep our throat warm as much as we can, because warm water is essential for the throat, as well as monsoon, is running.

There is a high chance of getting infected from this Virus in this situation; once the lung is infected, it is challenging to get rid of it. Why get into trouble, hot water kills germs or Virus instantly as they enter into the throat. Still, it is only possible when you take care of your throat 24hrs, you need to keep warm or Hydrated your throat during the whole day, and this is only possible via consuming the Hot water/ warm water & as we see the hectic schedule of this busy world, no one has time. Who cares for hot water and warm water because it takes little bit time in the, but warriors have always having a solution with them, and we are giving you the best solution for that so you can consume hot water by 24hrs, you don’t need to waste your time at all. You need to pour hot or warm water in our Thermo flask Hot water Bottle, and you can take this advantage as much the longer you can in 24hrs.

We highly recommend you NOT to go out of your house, but if in case you are going; you need to keep your safety measures first. Here we are providing you the topmost safety measure, which is Water beverage, which contains hydrated water or any beverage with unique vacuum technology that separates Fatty acids, vitamins, oil, and insecticides and helps to enhance temperature retention.

So we are here for you. Stay tuned with us.

Fight for COVID-19

We are the real heroes against coronavirus.

Additional reasons to consider one as your next Buy of Hot water bottle

  • Double-wall vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
  • Multiple leads
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Stainless steel
  • Sleek and durable design
  • Thirst Quencher Hot water Bottle
  • Leak Proof caps
  • Best balance between toxin-free construction and durability
  • Easy Pouring

Precious things of Hot Water Bottle While Corona Virus Pandemic

  • Hot water capacity – Hot water bottle keeps the water in the same condition for more than 18hrs
  • Uses – You can use in office, gym, house wherever you want warm water, Hot water Bottle maintained the temperature throughout the day.
  • The Capacity of more than 18hrs: Yes, it does what it says if you feel warm water in Hot water Bottle in nigh and after 18hrs; it still gives you lukewarm water which serves its purpose.
  • Leakproof- Hot water Bottle comes with a vacuum insulated with a lid that maintains the liquids’ temperature and prevents them from reaching your room temperature.
  • Moreover, hot water Bottle is durable, trendy, with Stylish look and easy to clean.