Seamless Copper Water Bottle - Set of 2

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Storing water in a Copper Bottle creates a natural purification process. Seamless Copper Water Bottle can kill all the micro-organisms (molds, fungi, algae, and bacteria) present in the water that could be harmful to the body and make the water perfectly fit for drinking. Make this healthy and pocket-friendly choice for you and your family.

  • These bottles are made with a one-piece copper sheet and thus do not have any joints.
  • Water stored in Seamless Copper Water Bottle naturally becomes anti oxidant and alkaline.
  • The cap is made to be screwed on and provided with a silicone washer to give you a long and leak-proof use.
  • Take these bottles to Gym, Yoga Studio, Picnics, Outing, Hiking or anywhere you go.
  • With due precautions this copper bottle can be used as a hot water bottle in case of emergencies.

Other Features:

  • Copper helps in preventing cancer.
  • Copper helps in regulating women's healthy menstrual periods.
  • Copper helps in regulating obesity.
  • Copper helps in regulating thyroid glands.
  • Copper helps in maintaining digestive health.
SKU YN2240
Height 25 cm
Diameter 7 cm
Capacity 800 ml Each
Material Copper
In Pack 2 Seamless Copper Water Bottle

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