While considering home décor, in most of the cases, paintings or wall art are more of an afterthought rather than being part of the plan to decorate the particular room. It is something which comes in at the very end, much after the paint is done and when all the furniture, plants, etc. have been placed in the room.

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There is a need to understand that by ignoring wall art and keeping it for the end, one is missing out on an opportunity to have a superb design for the room space. If you make the correct choice, paintings can do wonders for the room and rather be a single piece to do the job of accentuating its beauty. Walls and paintings on them, if considered in the real sense, matter the most in interior designing.

Here is a perfect guide for you to choose a piece well for your walls and lend it a prominent role so that it will blend well with your space and be in perfect harmony to your interiors. There are some options available and if you happen to do some online shopping in India, then we will give you the best art to make a major statement.

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There are some powerful ideas put into colors like The Fusion Shiva Painting which will give a synergy to your living area. Other choices include The King, Modern Ganesha Painting, The Dreamer Painting, Beauty and the Beast that will give an impressive effect, the Dreamer Painting which is a sure masterpiece and the Sea Storm Painting for really feeling the fury of nature.

There are many options of Buddha Paintings also available at our portal and will provide a statement piece to fit into your household. Radha Krishan paintings are another set of wall art that are much preferred and liked by art lovers. These are available in different color and mood designs from our online store.

Reasons why painting matters the most in home décor:

Adds Color To The Surroundings

Alluring Mohini, Dream Girl, Free Stallion are some examples of such a painting that adds beautiful and bright colors to your walls and give your drawing room a whole new look and feel. You can first choose the art that you like the most and then think of painting the walls of the color that best corresponds to the colors of the painting.

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Paintings Give Your Room A Complete Look

Art pictures on the wall give your room a look of completion and provide it with a finishing element. They are just like that special touch to make all the difference in your interiors to make them look stylish and artistic.

The best way to have a complete look is to choose such an art piece that fits well with the style of décor that you have already followed with decorating it. All the pieces of furniture, decorative items and paintings should be in complete harmony with each other.

Painting Is A Concentration Point

There should be one such element in the room that catches everyone's attention, and the people are instantly drawn towards it. This is the effect a great piece of art has on the ambience and vibe of the room.

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You must be careful about which size you choose for the painting that you want to put. It cannot be too large that it becomes overbearing and too small will make the effect insignificant. It has to be just the right size to do the trick!


All in all, to set the right tone off your interior, a unique masterpiece has to be there, but it has to be well thought of and should blend beautifully in the entire gambit of the room décor that you have. It should give the desired effect of grandeur to your home.

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