Scented Candles Can Create the Desired Atmosphere - Did You Know?

Scented candles add another dimension to the ambiance of your house. Home decoration in India has taken a new meaning with fabulous candles being available in the markets nowadays. The beautiful aroma that is emitted by these candles sets the mood in your living space. Our olfactory sense is one of the most important senses that we have, and it affects our mood in a lot of ways. Fresh and fragrant odors act as stimulants for the sensory nerves and make a person feel good. You can use scented candles in almost all rooms of the house, whether it is bedroom, kitchen, washrooms or the living room.

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There is a need for you to know how exactly to make the best use of scented candles so that you can get the maximum benefits from them. It is also important that the candles are used in a safe way and pose no threat of fire. Decorative candles which are available in the Arts and Crafts shops and scented candles are a great way to create a beautiful and calm atmosphere in your home that is both visually stimulating and also tickles the sense of smell.

Here are some tips to make the best use of scented candles to get the desired atmosphere in your humble abode:

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Subtle Fragrances in Smaller Spaces

Areas that have small space like the dressing room or the washrooms have to have candles that are lightly scented. Do not put a candle with a strong fragrance in such spaces as it may overpower the area since there will be a very strong smell there. It may also be the case that there is less ventilation there which will lead to the smell being concentrated there and when it's a strong one, that is not the effect that you wanted to create after all!

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Choose the Fragrance According to the Season

You can stimulate your senses in the best possible way by selecting the fragrance depending on the season. For example, for the summer, fruity and floral scents work the best. For the festive season, scented candles with the fragrances of cinnamon and apple will do the trick whereas, for the monsoon season, a little strong scent will do wonders since there is little dampness in the house too.

Scent Should be Area Wise

There is a need to do some thinking and some research as well as to which kind of fragrance to put where. Say, for instance, citrus smells are best to be put in the kitchen so that it always feels fresh in there. Floral scented candles are ideal for the washrooms and living areas, and spicy fragrances can be placed in the bedroom.

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Mood Candles and Stress Busters

You can check out the online shop of scented candles. There are a vast plethora of candles that work best at setting your mood, relaxing your senses and also act as stress busters. Scented candles can create an amazing vibe in your home and add to the ambiance of warmth. You will notice the change in your mood when you light these candles, and they are perfect to set the mood for romance too! The lemongrass and lavender fragrant candles are perfect for mood uplifting and de-stressing.


Aromatherapy has been known as an age-old technique to heal and de-stress. Handmade products of candles that have essential oils can be lit to calm the mind with the help of aromatherapy. Peppermint and jasmine are great to ward off anxiety, depression and also stress. Therefore, to sum it all up, scented candles are great for your home and help to create the atmosphere and the ambience that you wish to have in your home. You can choose from the numerous options of fragrances available and make your home smell fresh and fragrant at all times.

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