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Health Gain Factor:  Tulsi is disease resistant. It has world's best anti-bacterial, anti – septic, anti-viral, anti-flu , anti-biotic , anti – inflammatory, and anti-disease properties.

Feel Good Factor: It’s sweet, it’s lemon, and it’s Tulsi. Awake your sense with this transformative blend of lemon Tulsi bursting with fresh lemon hint and blended with nutrient rich green tea.

Quality Factor: Lemon Tulsi is also known as Thai lemon basil as this unique herb is harvested with lemon plant that it features a light lemon-y note as well as the soothing taste.

Ingredients:  Lemon Tulsi, Lemongrass

Steps towards a Perfect Cup of Tea  ☕

  • Heat water to 80-85°C.
  • Place 2g of tea (1 Tea spoon) of tea in the pot for per 200ml of water.
  • Pour hot water from the top of tea-leaves.
  • Let it infuse for 3-5 minutes, according to your taste.
  • Then pour out completely.

Note: Can be infused at least 3 times.



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