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Health Gain Factor: This tea is a rich fusion of the Darjeeling tea and the Assam Black tea. The concentrated amounts of flavonoids and other anti-oxidants reduce the risks related to the heart and and help in preventing cancer. 

Feel Good Factor: The tea induces a strong and robust flavour that tranquilizes and soothes one’s frayed nerves. For someone who is worked up, and needs time to relax, this tea provides the best of both worlds for you to revitalise and give best output.

Quality Factor: A blend of the malty and the musky in a tea adds to its refreshing essence. It has the longest retention of flavour as compared to any other tea alongwith a rich and strong aroma.

Ingredients: Assam Black Tea & Darjeeling Black Tea

Steps towards a Perfect Cup of Tea ☕

Heat water to 90-95°C.
Place 2g of tea (1 Tea spoon) of tea in the pot for per 200ml of water.
Pour hot water from the top of tea-leaves.
Let it infuse for 3-5 minutes, according to your taste.
Then pour out completely.
Note: Can be infused at least 3 times.



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