Solar Sensor Wall Light With Motion Sensor

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This "Solar Sensor Wall Light" has an intelligent energy saving mode which charges the solar light under both strong sunlight and dim sunlight. This is best suited for lighting up dark or sensitive areas around the house. This solar light is made of high-quality PVC plastic which makes it durable against sunshine, rain, snow, ice, and wind. This solar light is waterproof and heatproof. These solar light can be placed in your garden, yard, aisle or driveway. This lantern emits a white bright light. It's lightweight and portability makes it perfect for your camping and trekking. The built-in solar panel charges the battery to provide 8-10 hours of light. The solar panel needs only 6-8 hours of charging for a full charge.

The installation of this solar light is easy and requires no extra equipment. You just need to screw it to hold it against any surface or wall.

This "Solar Sensor Wall Light" is equipped with Day/Light sensor, When there is Sunlight available the solar light will charge itself and when it becomes dark, the solar light turns itself On and provide a bright white light of 20 LED lights.

Besides the solar sensor, this solar light has motion sensor inside it which runs on infrared. When you move away from the solar light it will automatically shut down and when you go near to the solar light, it will automatically turn on.

One of best product with all the latest features which should be in your home. 

SKU YN2092
Weight 150 Grams
Height 12 cm
Width 5 cm
Length 9 cm
Watt 5 Watts
Warranty 6 Months
Material Plastic
In Pack 1 Solar Sensor Wall Light

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