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Chicoreus Ramosus, common name the ramose murex or branched murex, is a species of a predatory seashell, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the murex shell. Ramose Murex has a large, solid, very rugged and heavy shell, of up to 330 mm in length. It has a relatively globose outline, possessing a short spire, a slightly inflated body whorl, and a moderately long siphonal canal.

One of its most striking ornamentations are the conspicuous, leaf-like, recurved hollow digitations. It also presents three spinose axial varices per whorl, with two elongated nodes between them. The shell is colored white to light brown externally, with a white aperture, generally pink towards the inner edge, the outer lip and the columella. It is considered an economically important species in the Indo-West Pacific, especially in India.

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