Power Bank Executive Notepad with 16 GB Pen Drive - 4000 mAh Power Bank

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YesNo.in brings the exclusive collection of Power Bank Executive Notepad with 16GB Pen Drive. This Power Bank Notepad is portable, handy and makes an impression at your gatherings.

More details mentioned below.
  • Type C Charger: Our new power bank diary has the latest Android Type C charger for charging the high-end Android phones apart from the regular micro USB charger for android and Lightening charger for iPhone and iPad.
  • Leather Powerbank: This power bank diary comes with the finest quality of PU Leather as the cover of the business diary. This Leather power bank notebook comes with Ultra-slim power bank and power bank cable integrated inside it.
  • Power bank for men, women, and children: Our power bank diary can be used by both men and women. They can use it for all their meeting and conferences. It becomes handy for them to attend any meeting and charge the phone simultaneously. This is a power bank of masses, Powerbank for women, Powerbank for men and it is totally safe to be used by children as well so it is a Power bank for children as well.
  • USB rechargeable power bank: The power bank can be charged with USB 2.0 and 3.0, The power bank can be fully charged within 40 minutes and It can provide power backup to your mobile devices when they run out of power. This feature makes it the best budget power bank diary.
  • FREE 16 GB Pendrive: This power bank diary is not only the best power bank for a smartphone, but it comes with a 16 GB metallic pen drive.
  • Practical and High-Quality Design with U Disk Storage, Insert Card and Paper Change Function.
  • 4000 mAh Power Bank Battery.
    SKU YN2074
    Weight 200 Grams
    Width 17 cm
    Height 23 cm 
    Material PU Leather
    In Pack 1 Power Bank Diary

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