5000 mAh Powerbank Diary with Mobile Holder and 16 GB Pendrive

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This is a diary with multiple uses and features.This product is very handy and must-have for all the corporations and executives. This power bank diary has a fine tan-colored PU leather cover which adds to the charm of the diary. It also has a mobile holder that can hold your mobile when you charge it simultaneously. The size and weight of the diary are perfect for carrying it to multiple places. This diary is a must-have for all your office needs.

Some of the other features are:

  • Pop-Out Charger: This power bank diary has a pop-out charger that has a USB connector to it which accepts all USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables which can be used to charge all your mobile devices.
  • Mobile Phone Stand: This diary comes with a mobile phone stand for your multi-tasking need when you can use your mobile phone without keeping your hands busy in holding them.
  • Mobile Phone Holder: A handy feature of this diary is a mobile holder in which you can keep your mobile phones without the fear of breaking them as the strap holds the mobile phone tight and does not let it fall. Moreover, you can carry that mobile phone anywhere without engaging your hand and charge your mobile while you are on the move.
  • Cardholder: This diary has multiple cardholders for your daily needs.
  • Leather Power Bank: This power bank diary comes with the finest quality of PU Leather as the cover of the business diary. This leather power bank notebook comes with Ultra-slim power bank and power bank cable inside it. The fine quality of leather adds to the feel and look of the diary which adds to the rich look of the diary.
  • Power Bank for men, women, and children: Our power bank diary can be used by both men and women. They can use it for all their meetings and conferences. It becomes handy for them to attend any meeting and charge the phone simultaneously. This is a power bank of masses, power bank for women, power bank for men and it is totally safe to be used by children as well so it is a Power Bank for children as well.
  • USB Rechargeable Power Bank: The power bank can be charged with a micro USB cable which is provided with this power bank diary, so charging the power diary is also super easy. It can provide power backup to your mobile devices when they run out of power.
  • A Penholder: It helps you to carry your pen with the diary without fear of losing it.
  • 5000 mAh Power Bank Battery.
  • This product comes with 6 months warranty.
Length 25 cm
Breadth 21 cm
Height 5 cm
Weight 730 grams
Material PU Leather
In Pack
1 Power Bank Diary and 16 GB Pen Drive
Country of Origin India

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