Portable USB LED Light Set of 4

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These 4 portable USB LED lights units can easily plug into your USB port to provide ample light for reading or typing. You can also connect them to your mobile phone with an OTG cable to use as a light for your camera. Being small and lightweight, they are conveniently portable and can be carried anywhere.


  • LED Light falls on will depend on your USB port orientation (non-standardized) 
  • Can twist and bend without breaking
  • Use this to shine the light as required
  • Ideal for lighting small areas inside your car or cabin light
  • Portable, easy to use
  • LED Lights for maximum illumination
  • Plugs into any USB Port
  • Multipurpose Energy Use
  • Powered by any standard USB outlet ( Car Charger, Power Bank, Laptop )
SKU YN2258
Weight 16 gram each
Size 170*18.5*9mm
Material Silicone
Voltage 5 V
Watt 1.2 W
In Pack 4 Portable USB LED Light