Ganesha Pen Stand and LED Book Lamp Combo

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This Combo Contains 1 Ganesha Pen Stand and 1 LED Book Lamp. 

  • A beautiful shelter for pen that helps give shape to your ideas, a reminder of making each moment count and a symbol of Devotion.
  • A book with a twist of lamp. Lighten up your house with our LED Booklamp. It can be folded to its 360 degrees area. An innovative lamp, easy to carry, 2000mAh Lithium Batteries, 350 Lumens, up to 6 hours usage, USB rechargeable, charging time 3-4 hours.
SKU YN2225
Weight Cumulative Weight 1145 Grams (Approx)
Height 3.5 inches + 16 cm
Length 8 inches + 11.5 cm
Material Marble + PVC Plastic and Cardboard
In Pack 1 Pen Stand with a Clock and Devotional Figure of Lord Ganesha + LED Book Lamp

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