Copper Water Bottle with Glass

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Copper is one of the best materials from which water can be consumed with its mineral values. has hand-crafted to create an aesthetically pleasing product that supports an active lifestyle that keeps you in good health. The new bottle cap provides a better sealing, to ensure a leak-proof bottle is presented. It is waterproof with a seal that can withstand the water, even when turning the bottle over. These copper water bottles are best in the category of 1 litre copper bottles which are available in the local market and online copper bottle range. This product is a complete product as it is a set of bottles and glass. This product comes in matte copper color. The bottle has a capacity of 900 ml and glass has a capacity of 250 ml. This is a 100% seamless and leak-proof product. The glass of the bottle can be fitted on top of the bottle. By buying this copper bottle you are helping the environment by rejecting a single-use plastic bottle.

Length 28 cm
Width 7 cm
Weight 240 grams
Capacity 900 ml
Length 10 cm
Width 5 cm
Weight 70 grams
Capacity 250 ml
Material Copper
In Pack 1 Copper Water Bottle + 1 Glass


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