Brass Wine Goblet Glasses With Box Packing - Large

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These delicate wine glasses are made up of brass and coated with silver. They  are handy and easy to use. The glasses are tall and sleek and therefore give a regal feel. This pair of Brass Wine Goblet Glass comes in a red velvet royal box which makes it a perfect gift.

Box is free.

SKU YN1269
Weight 1165  Grams Box - 276 Grams Each Glass
Height 27 cm, 10.5 inches Box - 23 cm, 9 inches Glass
Width 23 cm, 9 inches Box - 6 cm 2.5 inches Glass
Length 10 cm , 4 inches
Material Brass, Silver Plated 
In Pack 1 Box + 2 Wine Goblet Glass
Country of Origin India

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