Alluring Mohini Painting

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Alluring Mohini Painting is made on Italian canvas with oil color. This gorgeous canvas art has combined the pristine aspects of femininity in one frame. From her soft benevolent heart to her mysteriously powerful soul, this painting is a deep imprint of how beautifully mystifying a woman can be. The green aura she emits defines her firm limits which are very well assembled and beautified by her inner self, She only permits the birds (signifying love and good vibes) inside and blocks everything else that is too weak to enter her life and disturb her purity and simplicity. Order now and be the privileged one to add such enigma to your collection.

SKU YN1463
Length 76 cm / 30 Inches
Breadth 51 cm / 20 Inches
Weight 688 grams
In Pack 1 Canvas Painting
Type  Acrylic Canvas Painting
Country of Origin India

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