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Ranging from traditional to contemporary designs present you these user-friendly Aluminium Jar set, that has a shiny polish and fine finish. Aluminium jars being a part of the ever-present packaging product is an excellent choice to use or to be gifted to our friends and family who have an interest in serving some prerequisite snacks for any cookery lover. This Aluminium Jar set is perfect for protecting products against sunlight or light oxidation and therefore helping to prolong the shelf life of any product kept in it.

Advantages of Aluminum Jar:

  • Light Weight, Non-toxic, and Recyclable
  • Good Corrosion Resistance and Long Service Life
  • High Anti-counterfeiting and Good Sealing
  • Not Easy To Break
  • High Security
  • Low Cost

The box is free!

SKU YN2220
Weight 924 Grams
Height 12 cm
Width 41 cm
Length 16 cm
Material Aluminium
In Pack 3 Aluminium Jar with Gift Box
Country of Origin India

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