Tankard Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 4

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Our handmade Tankard Mule Copper Mug is the perfect accessory for drinking cocktails, mocktails, juices and other cold beverages.

This Tankard Mule Copper Mug is the perfect addition to your restaurant or home bar collection. The copper metal ensures that your drink stays cold for longer and the sturdy handle ensures a better grip.

To maintain the natural shine of the product you need to wash the mug after every use following the instruction leaflet provided with the product. Just make sure not to rub the surface of the mug with an abrasive material.

Drinking in these mugs give a great taste to your beverage. Drinking in copper increases the immunity and helps protecting your Liver.

SKU YN2199
Weight 183 Grams Each
Height 13 cm Each
Diameter 10 cm Each
Capacity 400 ml
Material Copper
In Pack 4 Tankard Mule Copper Mugs

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