Buddha Sandstone Statue

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In this Sculpture, Buddha is sitting in teaching Mudra. Indeed there are many preachings strew by Gautam Buddha. While keeping in mind his legacy, we try to make Buddha Sculptures from pure material and by pure will - that is by our artisan hands. The material used in this Buddha Statue is sandstone which last for the lifetime. Sandstone has its inherit quality of absorbing water. It comes back in the same colour after the water is being soaked.

Buddha goes through various stages before it reaches to its final stage. Sandstone is unlike the regular stone. It is mined from the earth and sent to the factory to cut in blocks. Blocks are being cut in the size of Buddha required. Then the final block is sent to artisans. Artisans with their regular tools make the shape of buddha on the block, they carve it without any help of a machine. A lot of time and patience are being put to make the final Buddha Sculpture. So, decor your home with our master pieces.

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1 Feet Buddha Statue
Weight 25 kg
2 Feet Buddha Statue
Weight 40 kg
3 Feet Buddha Statue
Weight 80 kg
Material Sandstone
Shipping Free in Delhi
Country of Origin India