Red Bar Candles - Set of 3

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These Bar Candles are handmade. They are made up of high-quality paraffin wax. Bar candles are scented candles and emit fragrance when lit, these candles can be used for gifting and decorative purpose. These are smokeless candles and do not emit harmful smoke or carbon. Bar candles come in a set of 3 candles, all different sizes.

Red: Best place to lite is in the bedrooms or vanity. 

SKU YN1321
Weight Smallest 200 gms | Medium 380 gms | Tallest 500 gms
Height Smallest 7.5cm | Medium 10.5 | Tallest 15cm
Width 7 cm All
Material Wax
In Pack

3 Wax Bar Candles of Small, Medium and Large size.

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