Health and Smart Fitness Band - A New Strategy for a New Era

Looking for the best fitness tracker or a smartwatch? Something reliable, fashionable and trendy? Well, with Black Friday and a whole lot of festive season coming along, it is indeed the best time to start fox hunting for the unsurpassable deals online and get the most discount on your favorite watches and bands. Over the past few years, we saw dozens of new brands coming up with various technologies, innovative designs, and functions. Giving us major goals for tracking our daily activities & workouts, Giving easy access to our phones without reaching it for daily updates and notifications. We have sorted out the best picks for you! Whether you are an android lover or an iPhone driven person. Given a wide range from luxurious watches and bands to the affordable ones that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, we have got the descriptive view about both the product and how they differ from each other, giving you a clear picture so as you choose the right and the best one for you!

Smart Fitness Band

What Exactly Are Fitness Trackers And Smartwatches?

# A FITNESS TRACKER/BAND is a prominent way to keep a close look at your health and fitness regime, by keeping an eye on your everyday pursuit, so as to get a more intelligible vision on the fact that you are meeting you set goals. The rudimentary fitness tracker will help you count your calorie intake, how many steps you walked in a  day or in an hour and how long you slept for, whilst the advanced tracker bands will monitor your heart rate too!

# A SMARTWATCH persists in being connected to your phone and digital life, helping you get the daily updates, phone notifications, fitness tracking and many more, even when you are not carrying or working on your phone around. Mostly it is like a small extended version of your smartphone!

Health and Fitness Band

How They Differ?

People might mix up fitness bands and smartwatch benefits but smartwatches are way smarter having a longer battery life, more productiveness with better software and technology giving you a way more stylish look!! Making it a multipurpose device

(l)  Smartwatches are worn by mostly the youth as they are way more tech-savvy, whilst fitness trackers can be worn by children, youth and oldies too!

(ll)  Smartwatches are usually high priced while fitness trackers are comparatively cheaper.

*Prices may vary depending on the Brand*

(lll) Smartphone being on a more stylish end can be mostly worn on special occasions while fitness trackers can be worn 24/7 to keep track of everything going in your body and the regular changes that occur.

(lV)  The fitness trackers have comparatively smaller screens and are more of a slim-jim then the smartwatches available.

(V)  Smartwatches are mainly fabricated for mainstream communication whereas the fitness trackers are fabricated for observing your fitness regime and data gathering.

Reflex Fitpro Smart Fitness Band
What Suits Your Personality?

Vaguely we have all heard it by someone or somewhere that you need to choose the right watch not just for its ply but also for a fact that watches enhance your style statement, working as a classic accessory. Also, looking after a fact that you wear a watch according to the occasion as in choosing different sizes and belts if you go out for Biking, Running, Party, Events or it goes along with your work outfits. The smartwatches and fitness bands are an additional classy accessory for your everyday outfit in every way. Choosing the right watch if you have an outdoor, sporty, minimalistic or a sumptuous Individual.


Keep these certain questions in mind before buying any smartwatch or a fitness band:-

# For what purpose do you want to use the device mostly like just for easy access to the phone or tracking your daily activity or both?

# If you want a slimmer and light-weighted product or something more rigid so it stays safe just in case your daily activities include something that can damage it?

# How important are technology features for you?

# If you are on a budget or not?

# How often will you be able to charge the device properly?

Now, that you know the basic and key features of both the products and you know the difference between them too, you can decide what is best for you!

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