6 Ways of Incorporating Buddha into Your Home to Attract Positive Vibes

Models of the Buddha, have been increasingly popular over the years for both the followers of Buddhism and the non followers alike. Peace, Tranquility, Harmony and Balance. These are the words often associated with Buddhism, and thus the Buddha's likeness has become a popular presence in many homes as a centerpiece or accessory, even amongst non-believers.

We bring you the 6 amazing ways of placing Buddha at your home in order to fill it with positivity & beauty.

Buddha into Your Home to Attract Positive Vibes

    1. Buddha Statue at the Main Entrance

      Buddha facing the front door at the entrance is considered to keep the negative energies out of home, Buddha is believed to have the power to nullify the negative impacts at the house. Therefore the placement of  the Buddha Statue at the entrance will make your home look beautiful and enhance positivity.

      Buddha into Your Home to Attract Positive Vibes

        2. Buddha Wall Painting in The Living Room

          An energizing and vibrant Buddha wall canvas can bring excellent energy for your main entry or living room, as well as for the South (Fame) area of your home. According to Fengh Shui and Vastu, keeping paintings of Lord Buddha increase the flow of Chi and bring prosperity and great fortune.

          3. Placing Buddha Tea Light Holders

          The Buddha statue with candles is excellent for all fire or earth element bagua areas of your home. So, feel free to place it in the South (Fame), Center (Heart) or Northeast (Personal Growth and Spiritual Cultivation) areas of your home.

          Buddha into Your Home to Attract Positive Vibes

          Light the candles at night and enjoy the peace and tranquility, You can place some light scented candles for a good night's sleep. Buddha help.

          4. Garden Buddha - Create Calming Energy Outside Your Home

          A Buddha sculpture is a beautiful and peaceful addition to any area of your garden, except for the North area. Can be absolutely stunning close to your front door (if it works with the overall look and energy of your house).

          Buddha into Your Home to Attract Positive Vibes

          You can light some tealight candles around it to give it an exclusive feel. You can choose any stone, preferably marble as its easy to clean and maintain.

          5. Buddha Lanterns: Reassuring and Calming Presence

          Buddha Lantern

          The basic reason people buy the Buddha structure is to help yourself achieve your inner peace. The presence of Buddha helps remember, understand and practice Buddha's teachings and the best way is to decorate your home with Buddha Lanterns, they are easy to hang around and can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

          6. Buddha Diffusers: Calming Energy for Your Home

          Diffusers in the shape of Buddha is also an affordable way of incorporating Buddha into your space.

          Buddha Lantern

          The presence of Buddha is bond to fill your home with serenity, joy,  peace and exuberance & give you a feeling like never before.

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