5 Things You Should Know About Us

You must be thinking its just another online store in the offering in this ecommerce bandwagon . But that's not true, if that is difficult for you to accept then we would share like to share some of our values which makes us stand out of this crowd.

1. Something new and different:

Being a ‘harmony seeking individual’ in a life as monotonous as today’s, we understand how hard it is to find something new that can bring a calmer you out in existence. To your surprise, it has less to do without and more to do within. This change, that has been your purpose since long is very much at the place you reside- Your very home.

In short and precise- we create, support and sell not just Home Decor Art; but stories, feelings and passion. We are YesNo.in and here is how we are different:

2. Selling Right for you to Attract Right:

We have known the right thing, that ‘Home is the reflection of our persona’ but less did we knew that this magic works from both sides. Yes, your home and things that you hang in the prominent areas of your house has a lot to do with your mind, body and soul. We design well energised Canvas Paintings that will work a lot not just in elevating the beauty of your home, but also on your confidence and balance. Experience what we say at (link of paintings).

4. Not just products but everything Auspicious:

Being crafted by the hands of those, for whom it wasn’t an easy journey towards their ultimate goal of being an Artist; all our products have been carved, painted and manifested with utmost dedication. These home décor items are not just the masterpiece but the Meraki filled with good vibes, positivity and abundance. Blessed are we to have utilise our revenue in making better the lives of our Artists! Have a look at some of their great creations at http://yesno.in/collections/gifts-exclusive


5. We customize at par with your unique requirements:

We very well know how special it feels to stand out among the huge number by having your own better style. Just know that at YesNo.in, it’s never a formal issue as you can always ask for the customization of any specific product you want. We will for sure try up to our best potential to come up with an exact want of yours. It can either be your name in Gel Candles, or a special message for special someone. We have got your back for these moments!

P. S: We admire your Feedbacks:

There is nothing as precious to us as your feedbacks- whether it’s about our products or our website or in fact our service. Do tell us where we stand so we can serve you even better every next time. Always feel free to write us on the chat available at our site or mail us at store@yesno.in for we know how important it is for our growth and for making that special place in your heart!



Lastly, don’t forget to pay your much awaited visit at www.yesno.inSave
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