10 Common Myths About Home Decoration!

I will help you get rid of the rules of thumb set over the years that one had to abide by in terms of creating one’s perfect home. Talking about the rules of decorating, there are two trains of thought here – rules are meant to be broken, or there really are no rules when it comes to decorating anymore…

Here are the 10 common Myths about Home Decoration!!

#1.Home Decor is Expensive

Although you get what you pay for, you can furnish your home inexpensively if you have realistic expectations of the quality you should receive at the budget you decide to work with. These days you get a variety of products for home decor online that not only make your homes look perfect but are also very affordable. You just need to find what you like, place the order and it will be delivered at your doorstep. You can even find vintage and exclusive products that are not expensive at all.

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#2.Don't Mix Patterns and Prints

There’s no better way to add color, texture and to infuse your own personality than by adding various patterns together. Stripes, checks, florals, plaids can all live together harmoniously! In order to do this successfully, all you have to do is stick to your chosen color palate. It's nothing but a myth that we need to use certain defined colors and patterns only, Whether you’re working with blues and greys, pinks and greens or black and white, you absolutely can mix fabrics and patterns. Through artful pairing you can feature two, three—even five!—fabulous patterns as long as you keep the color scheme right, and get creative with scale. Stay creative, stay innovative and forget about the limitations.

#3.Follow Matching Policy

"It does take more time and effort to coordinate versus match, but your room will look and feel more cohesive, chic, and likely will seem to be a better reflection of your personal style." says a well known interior designer, It simply means that not everything needs to be perfect and matching rather it should showcase your personal style. The days of matching and monochromatic looks are over. Instead, cohesive coordination reigns supreme. Place a jar candle in the same room where you have placed your favorite Bohemia paintings because it can be chic and artistic at the same time, not everything has to match. What matters is getting rid of the dull, monotone decor that bores every visitor who passes through your doors.

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#4.Dark Colors Make Rooms Look Smaller

Dark colors can add warmth, texture and dimension to your room. They can add a sense of sophistication, glamour and drama. Dark walls can be a wonderful canvas to work with. A piece of art, when hung on a dark wall, can make a much more powerful statement. It’s less the color of your walls that make your space seem smaller, than the placement and scale of the furniture within the dark walls. Rooms tend to seem smaller when they are cramped and crowded. Dark colored rooms are the perfect spaces to place handcrafted and vintage art because they enhance their visibility.

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#5.Stick To The Centrepiece

Each living space has four walls, why must only one wall be your focal point or your center table be the centre piece? Is your bay window any more or less important than your fireplace? What about your great grandmother’s Picasso that you’ve just inherited? The windows, the fireplace and the grand work of art are all worthy of their own attention. By giving each wall a focal point you’re not only adding texture, and dimension to your room, you’re infusing your own sense of style and personality. This will also help you create a heterogeneity of art and craft in your house. In your home everything needs consideration not just the centerpiece.

#6.Follow A Single Style

This is like telling someone to stick to one sport or one hobby… or one passion. We are multifaceted and therefore why shouldn’t our homes be the same. There’s no reason that your Japanese sculpture cannot co-exist beautifully next to your antique, classical French table. Or perhaps one lives in a modern style home yet has an extensive antiques collection. Blending, merging or infusing various styles gives your home a layered feel and it is perhaps the best way to incorporate your sense of style and self. Be bold and stay versatile about your home decor.

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#7.Incorporate Only The Trend

Love a style but hesitant to go all-in on a trend? Consider using smaller pieces to incorporate popular fabrics and styles into your home. Create your own trend, you won't have to follow one.

Pillows, throws, bottle art are easy ways to infuse a trendy look without breaking the bank. Break the myth of following what your best friend has in her drawing room and try something new instead, don’t let Pinterest (or us) dictate your decor decisions. Following design trends blindly creates a soulless space and no one will like a dead space just because it is in trend.

#8.Decor Can Only Be Seen

Fragrances are a vital part of decor, The ornamentation of any space is incomplete without aroma and scent. This is why decorative aromatic candles, diffusers and tealights have become an integral part of home decor. They have become a style statement and have busted the myth of home decor being simply seen, place some tealight candles or jar candles in your home and feel and smell the sweet scented decor. They will not only decorate your home but also make it smell heavenly.

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#9.Only Subtle Spaces Are Inviting

Most of us are reluctant about adding a pop of color to our homes. A dramatic color can actually draw the eye upward, plus it gives you an extra surface to make a major impression. One good way of adding color to your home is by placing some rugs on the floor, not only will it add color to your room but will also give a layered funky look. Dare to make your home look colorful and poppy by placing various colorful hand crafted decorative items on the shelves and tables.

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#10.Following The Rules

Rules are meant to be broken! When decorating your home, you need to best represent your personal taste and style – That really should be the number one rule! What is it that you like? What are your favorite colors? Styles? Hobbies? What is your favorite type of artwork? Are you modern or do you prefer the classics? Are you inspired by Asian influences? Are you a DIYer? Your home should be a reflection of your own tastes and passions, not those of someone else!


Your home is the reflection of who you are so let it reflect the same. Create your own rules and shop little pretty articles to give a chic feel to your home. You can check out the exclusive range of home decor at YesNodotin to give your home a unique and contemporary look. Here you will find everything from art, craft to candles, diffusers etc. Not everything beautiful is expensive and this is what YesNodotin proves by providing you the unique and affordable home decor items. You can also follow us on Instagram and facebook or subscribe to our Youtube channel to learn the most innovative and creative ways of decorating your homes.

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